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Freezer Won’t Cool- Common Freezer Repairs

At Abilene Appliance Repairs, we get lots of freezer calls!

There‘s never a good time for your freezer to quit working. The good news is that most repairs we do don’t break the bank and are well valued compared to the cost and trouble to replace the freezer. Not to mention the time we can save you…

Most freezer repairs we do involve either motors not working, defrost system not working, or something as simple as a thermostat Or electronic control or sensor. Our techs are well trained in refrigerator and freezer repairs! We will check the electronic control, thermostat, fan motors and connections, and defrost circuit to ensure everything is working properly except the one component that is causing the issue.

When the inside evaporator is frozen up, we can get you going quickly by thawing the coil out so we can check the defrost system. Even if we have to order a part and come back the next day, your freezer will freeze again because it typically takes 4 or 5 days of missed defrost cycles before the evaporator will freeze up again. Long before then, we’ll have your working like new again!

And we usually can get to you the same or next day. Until then, grab a few chunks of dry ice from your nearest grocery store to keep your food frozen.

And remember, call the freezer repair experts at Abilene Appliance Repairs as soon as you notice a problem with the freezer so we can get you an appointment scheduled right away to take care of the issue.

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