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Ice Maker Repairs- Abilene, TX- Oh Yes We Do!

From In-fridge to Undercounter to Commercial Ice Makers, Abilene Appliance Repairs has you covered!

We have more than 30 years of service and repair, as well as many proprietary

ice maker training courses under our belts. Experts? YES, we are. That's our job and Ice Makers are no exception.

Regardless what type or brand of ice maker you have, it takes pros in the know to keep them running.

And here in Abilene, Texas, Ice is Mandatory!

In-fridge ice makers depend on sources from the refrigerator controls as well as internal motors and thermostats to produce ice properly. They can have up to a 16-wire plug to the

ice maker that must work to produce ice. While some issues internal to the ice maker do require replacing the ice maker assembly itself, this is generally not the case with

Undercounter ice maker repairs.

Undercounter brands like Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, GE, & KitchenAid

have their own valves for water, power through control board, bin overflow control, and

methods of harvesting the ice.

These types can also come in cubers, producing a square or mushroom shaped cube,

or the popular nugget (Sonic) ice. We strongly recommend regular descaling for your undercounter units to keep them working as long as possible!

Call today if you need your ice maker of any type to work like new again!

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