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Stand Alone Ranges & Repair in Abilene, Texas

Oven repair for the holidays
Stand alone oven repair- Samsung Oven Repairs

We think of ovens as the powerhouse of family meals. Meals bring us together, provide our nutrition and allow us to be a family that gets together.

Times we will come to remember for the rest of our lives…

So when your oven isn’t cooking at the right temperature, or doing things it shouldn’t, call the specialists at Abilene Appliance Repairs!

These issues can be fixed, and often without a great deal of expense.

Many times there are issues with probes that measure your oven’s internal temperature and report that to the control section. Usually we begin by checking any registered codes your control may have saved by using the manufacturers service manual for your specific model. If we find we need to replace your oven’s temperature probe, we will then check the calibration to make sure it’s right or recalibrate it to reflect the exact temperature.

This then means your oven will cook the way you want it to, and your recipes will come out the way you’ve intended.

The other issues we commonly find are hidden elements that are no longer working. Sometimes a hidden bake element or convection element go out and when the elements that are left working try to make up the difference in temperature, your perfect recipes just don’t come out right.

So before the fall and winter holidays get too close, give us a call so we can have you baking up a batch of those awesome deserts we all love soooo much! Happy Baking!

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