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Abilene Appliance Repairs-Why Ice Makers Quit Producing Ice

In fridge ice makers we repair in Abilene
In fridge type ice maker

We get many questions about ice makers and repair or replace them frequently. In-fridge type ice makers typically consist of a motor and gear assembly, temp sensor, and either a defrost heater or a flexible tray that can be “twisted“ by the motor to release the cubes.

While a few we are able to repair with parts or a new motor module, most require replacement to ensure compatibility between the rest of the components. But 1st we have to determine whether control voltage is present, which can depend on the temperature of the airflow from the freezer, ensure correct motor voltage is present, ensure the solenoid to the ice maker itself as well as supply water to the sump is adequate, and if there is no control voltage, find out why. These days ice makers have electronics running them from a board. There are a number of things we have to check to determine if the ice maker itself is the problem or something else.

Then there are the higher capacity under counter models many of you have in your homes here in Abilene. We service and repair all brands of these ice makers.

They do require regular descaling, usually by a professional servicer like Abilene Appliance Repairs. That’s because it can be a good bit of trouble for the home owner to do this job, especially for the nugget or “sonic” ice machines, where regular and thorough descaling is critical. However the longevity of the ice maker depends on regular servicing, adequate filtration, or both to keep them producing for the long haul. And due to the expense of the top brands from Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, GE, and KitchenAid, you definitely want yours to be well maintained. Among the most common repairs we make are water inlet valve or pump replacements, as well as small relays or a bin thermostat.

At Abilene Appliance Repairs we’ve been working on both residential and commercial ice makers for more than 30 years and counting. And rest assured, if you call us to repair your ice maker, we’ll take excellent care of your equipment and advise you of the best way to take care of it so you’ll have all the ice you want!

Call today for your appt. or questions. We’re glad to help!

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