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Appliance Repair- Abilene- Not your Maytag Repairman

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Today's appliances are equipped with microprocessors- yes, like your computer or automobile. Most have a very complex network of components that work to save energy and function with an array of sensors to achieve the net result of getting a particular job done.

They do not work like our older generation of appliances did- not even close!

To have a technician diagnose a malfunctioning appliance begins with training in electronics combined with mechanical and/or refrigeration expertise, and on-the-job skills learned with supervision of a master appliance technician.

That's why it truly matters which appliance repair company you call to take care of your household appliances. Unfortunately there are many appliance techs out there replacing parts based on a list of possible components that may cause the issue rather than based on the scientific training they never received before going into business for themselves.

It's also more costly to do business with appliance repair companies that operate this way because the "fix" won't last as long without proper training to find the root causes of failed components.

At Abilene Appliance Repairs our prices are 30% to 35% less than the "big box repair" companies, but we are Very well trained in electronics, refrigeration, mechanics, and factory applied appliance skills from programs such as NasTec.

We also belong to a network of appliance repair trade organizations to keep our training up to date and have current service and repair technical manuals on almost every make and model of home appliances.

When you want the best, most reliable appliance repair in Abilene, Texas- at an affordable price- you know who to call....

Abilene Appliance Repairs- at your service!

(325) 704-5475

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