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Appliance Repair Companies in Abilene, TX

ALMOST every week, we hear a customer say they’ve paid an appliance repair company to fix their appliance and now they won’t call back or answer their messages.

Unfortunately, people get ripped off by appliance repair companies that aren’t honest and for unknown reasons, seem to get by with these practices.

Some of these companies even have large numbers of 5 star reviews because the owner seeks reviews from the lucky ones who actually get their appliances repaired.

All Appliance repair companies are not equal! Most are a 1-person show from start to finish. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that these people rarely run their company like a business. A true appliance repair business, like Abilene Appliance Repairs, has a business license, liability insurance, employees, credibility through organizations like the Better Business Bureau and other local or national organizations to which they belong, and most importantly- accountability to their many customers.

Please do not think all appliance repair companies are untrustworthy based on the few who don’t even have a custom business receipt form or honor their warranty commitments to their customers! Abilene Appliance Repairs is your premier local appliance repair business and we do things right. We’re here to make sure you get what you paid for and are happy with our services first time, every time.

Speaking of payments, we never ask for payment until the job is completed.

And if you’ve paid someone to repair your appliance in advance but never received the promised service, our best advice is to report that business to our local authorities for fraud. It’s a crime, and should be dealt with as such. Secondly, you may wish to put their company’s name into a Google search with the word “review” to get to their review page. Leaving a review with a word about what happened, you might prevent other unsuspecting customers from getting ripped off as well. We have to protect each other!

And remember- at Abilene Appliance Repairs we are a trusted local business and we will always deliver service after the sale. We’re here for you!

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