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Built In Microwave Oven Repair-Abilene

Microwave oven repair
Built-in microwave oven repair

So you have a built-in microwave oven, perhaps above your built-in oven, and it won’t heat.

This type of microwave costs a lot of money to replace and is typically matched to your oven, so finding a cheaper version isn’t realistic if you wish to maintain the intrinsic beauty of your kitchen decor.

Not to worry, this is exactly the type of appliance repair we can make worthwhile for you. We often have to move the microwave to our shop bench to troubleshoot and make repairs, but it is usually well worth the price we charge to repair these.

With typical microwave ovens that hang above your standalone range or countertop microwaves, it can cost up to 2/3 the price of a new microwave to repair those. That’s because the hanging type or countertop microwaves only cost $250-$300 to replace and in those types we strongly recommend buying new.

However, built-in brands of microwave ovens cost a lot more, up to $2200. We can usually repair those for $300 to $450, saving you a ton of money and helping you get many more years of service from these appliances.

So next time your built-in microwave quits working or the heating turntable won’t turn, give us a call! We’ll have you fixed up for much less money and back up and running quickly. We don’t keep your appliance for a week like the others, and some we can repair on site without removing the appliance at all!

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