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Dishwasher Repairs in Abilene, TX- Yes, We Do Dishes!

OK, so maybe it's not the biggest emergency when the dishwasher doesn't work- but then again I hate doing dishes in the sink every day after having this convenience!

It seems like there's more to spending time at home than just doing chores. So why spend more time on the dishes than required.

If your dishwasher isn't working like it used to, it may just need descaling with an acidic cleaner. But if that doesn't get it working like new again, or if it won't complete a cycle or it still has water in it at the end of a cycle- Call Us!

At Abilene Appliance Repairs, we can run service diagnostics to check every component in your dishwasher to determine exactly what it needs to work like new again.

Most dishwasher repairs we see consist of issues like water heater elements or their limit not working, drain or pump clogging, leaking seals or even communication cables wearing out.

Whatever the problem, most repairs we see are well below the cost of replacing, and a LOT less hassle. Plus, we'll have you NOT washing dishes by hand much sooner than waiting on some big box store to get you a new one.

If your dishwasher is performing poorly, Call Us!

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