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Dryer Repair Abilene, Texas

You’re doing laundry and discover the clothes you put in the dryer 2 hours ago are still wet!

Clothes dryers fail at the most inopportune times. However, when you need your dryer repaired, the good news is that they are well worth the cost because typically dryers tend to last 20 years without having to do really expensive repairs.

And at Abilene Appliance Repair, we have affordable flat rate pricing for the common dryer issues like heating elements and thermostats, sensors, or belt and pulley replacements.

We also warranty our work and carry many of these parts in stock so we can fix your dryer while we’re there and have you back in business to catch up your family’s laundry needs!

Call today and we’re glad to help. We service Abilene and other surrounding communities.

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