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LG, Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Repair Abilene

LG makes some of the best refrigerators on the market, and has also licensed their technology to Kenmore, sold as Kenmore Elite.

However, LG and Kenmore Elite fridges have had a history of failing compressors.

LG engineers overcame the issue by redesigning the compressor and the program that runs it from the main control.

If you own one of these brands from 2020 or before and you have lost cooling, chances are it's a compressor failure.

At Abilene Appliance Repairs, we're specialists with this repair, and we carry the new LG Universal compressor and the uploading tool to reprogram the control unit to bring your LG or Kenmore Elite fridge up to the newest standard so you'll get many more years of service from your refrigerator.

The cost to replace one of these LG refrigerators today ranges from $2000 to $3800.

Our cost to install the new Universal compressor, which is the exact same compressor and program you get with a new LG, plus new charge of freon and a new filter drier is currently $789. (Which is approximately 1/3 the cost of replacing the fridge.)

So while the repair isn't cheap, we can have you up and running in a couple hours, and save you a ton of money over replacement. Thus, decreasing your cost of ownership by getting you many more years of service from your appliance.

Call today if you're having this issue and we'll come check it out. While it could be something else much less pricey causing the issue, we're well prepared if it's not!

(325) 704-5475

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