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Oven and Cooktop Repairs- Abilene, TX

Ovens are at the heart of family meals. But when they're not working properly, those same meals become nearly impossible to prepare.

And you need professional help!

At Abilene Appliance Repairs, we do ovens- from stand-alone ranges to wall ovens, all electric or gas, we can fix almost any oven issue and get them calibrated to work like new.

From new probes calibrated to factory settings, to element and relay boards or ignition issues on gas ovens, we do it all and get your home chef happy again!

Cooktops Repair typically involves radiant or pulse type elements, some with multiple circuits to give your cooktop a larger surface area with more choices in exactly where the heat is concentrated. But many also have their own built-in sensor, plus a control called an infinite switch to regulate the burner.

Diagnosing and repairing electric cooktops requires knowledge of electric and electronic circuits, as well as a circuit diagnostic meter to ensure the correct part is identified and replaced to get those pans cooking again!

So give us a call if your cooktop isn't cooperating, and we'll make it work like new again!

(325) 704-5475

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